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How to choose the best bedroom mirror

How to choose the best bedroom mirror

Your bedroom is your sanctuary; your special place to retreat to after a hectic day, to curl up and relax ready for sleep. It is essential that your bedroom furnishings are complementary to your own personal style, so that you can feel totally at ease with your surroundings in this most intimate of living spaces. As well as a bed of course, another staple bedroom item is the mirror. Bedroom mirrors provide us with opportunities to check our appearance before going out, making sure outfits look good, and performing enthusiastic singing and dancing routines – what, is that just me?? Surely not. But choosing the right mirror for your room is very important – some people go too small, thinking that a large mirror will dwarf their bedroom, but actually the opposite is true! Having a nice big mirror in your bedroom can really open up the space, reflecting in more light and making your room appear larger. With our collection of over 800 mirrors, you are sure to find the perfect bedroom mirror at DUSX.

A dressing mirror for chic bedroom style

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Placing a decorative wall mirror over a console table or chest of drawers can make an instant dressing table for your bedroom, giving you the perfect place to get ready in the morning and do hair and makeup. This also makes a charming focal point for your bedroom and will reflect light back into the room. The Louis Philippe Etched White Bevelled Mirror on the left is perfect for creating a light and airy feel, and pairs well with all kinds of furniture. The Octavia Octagonal Bevelled Margin Mirror features many panels of bevelled glass within a highly ornate black frame, and is ideal for a bohemian and eclectic style bedroom.

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For twice the reflections, try pairing a Vintage Venetian Oval Mirror with a Venetian Mirrored Silver Dressing Table for a dazzling statement piece in your bedroom, ideal for imbuing smaller bedrooms with more light and giving the appearance of a larger space. For a more classic, traditional look, try placing an overmantle mirror like this Antique Taupe Mirror over the Antique Taupe Console Table for a style that is as sophisticated as it is timeless.

Full length mirrors for flattering reflections

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A full length mirror is ideal for bedrooms, providing the perfect opportunity to admire your whole outfit before you go out, and a tall mirror like these actually make your ceiling appear higher. Having several things at different heights will make your room seem bigger, and many interior designers swear by this little tip to add interest and make a room look more stylish. The Louis Philippe Fleur Gold Gilt Leaf Bevelled Mirror is an excellent example of how a full length mirror can instantly add a hint of charm and elegance to your room, and its cousin, the Louis Philippe Etched Silver Gilt Leaf Bevelled Mirror has a similarly stunning effect.



If wall space is limited, or you are not able (or willing) to permanently attach anything to your walls, then you can simply lean these tall mirrors up against the wall for a more casual look. They can then be moved easily and placed wherever you desire at a moment’s notice. This tall, slim Louis Philippe Fleur White Bevelled Mirror is perfect for slipping into narrow spaces and behind doors, so you can still have a full leangth mirror in your bedroom even when space is at a premium. The Baroque Silver Free-standing Mirror features a bold and glamorous frame, and actually comes with a metal stand, enabling you to place this mirror anywhere you like.

Oversized mirrors make a room fit for royalty















As far as mirrors go, bigger is most definitely better, and as we mentioned earlier, a lot of people think their bedroom is ‘too small’ for a large mirror. In fact, having a larger mirror in a small space can actually create the appearance of a much bigger room. See how the Augustina Cream & Silver french Rococo Bevelled Mirror in the left picture reflects the bed and other items of furniture, making them seem further away – this optical effect will apply in any sized room. On the right, this Antique Grey Floor Standing Metal Mirror stands at over 2 metres tall, and its softly faux-aged appearance will lend your bedroom a charmingly vintage touch, perfect when accessorised with some flowers and candles.

Cheval Mirrors – perfect for dressing rooms and impromptu placings


bedroommirrors14 bedroommirrors2

A cheval mirror is a floor mirror that comes with its own stand on which it is adjustable, and they make for simply fabulous bedroom mirrors. As well as the ornate frames and stands providing a handsome decorative element, they are ideal if you do not have the wall space needed for a wall mounted mirror or leaner mirror. On the left, the Tono White Cheval Mirror features a soft white finish and exquisitely crafted Rococo style embellishments – this pairs perfectly with our Antique White Rattan Bed. The White Iron Floor Standing Cheval Mirror on the right boasts a charming iron frame complete with fretwork over the mirror, and will pair well with any style of bedroom.

Small mirrors can be beautiful, too!


For those who have the most diminuitive of boudoirs, or a cosy and compact guest room, this Gold Gilt Leaf Shelf with Bevelled Mirror is just perfect – as well as being breathtakingly ornate, this handy shelf gives you or your guests a place to check their appearance or do makeup, as well as providing storage space for all your trinkets, treasure, lotions and potions. This shelf also comes in silver and white finishes as well to suit your tastes.

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