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Stunning antique quality Louis Philippe mirrors at DUSX

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The antique quality Louis Philippe mirror features softly rounded upper corners and squared lower corners, and are typically finished with gold or silver gilt leaf. They were originally crafted during the reign of Louis Philippe I, who ruled France from 1830 until his exile to Great Britain in 1848. These mirrors once adorned the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace de Versailles which was curated by King Louis’ mistress, Madame de Pompadour, and helped to preserve the many fabulous pieces of furniture favoured by the French monarchy.


The glass in Louis Philippe mirrors is bevelled around the edges, creating a distinctive gleam which is long-associated with high quality mirrors. This bevelled glass will refract light, splitting it into all the colours of the rainbow. The bevelled mirror glass also enhances the overall design of the mirror, and gives an extra dimension that would be absent with plain glass.


Some feature ornate detailing along the frame such as beading, etching or floral moulding, whereas others are simpler in their design, yet no less pleasing to the eye.


The floral etching on this mirror is inspired by the wonderfully detailed Louis Philippe mirrors that once adorned the royal quarters of the Palace of Versailles in 19th century France, and is picked out beautifully by the burnished gold finish.


These exquisite mirrors feature water-etched frames, which in addition to the beading along the inner edge of the frame, give these mirrors a handsome and luxurious appearance. The subtlety of this etched effect is a perfect example of the understated glamour that Louis Philippe mirrors are well-known for.

etched mirrors

These mirrors are incredibly popular today, and it’s easy to see why – the subtle curved shape and gold or silver finish makes them elegant enough for classic, traditional styles of décor, but they are also sleek and modern enough to pair with more contemporary homes.


Use a Louis Philippe overmantle mirror above your fireplace to really open up the space – a large mirror will make your room brighter as light is reflected back in, and will also make any room look and feel larger.


A tall, slim Louis Philippe mirror makes a wonderful dressing mirror in the bedroom, and can be mounted upon the wall, or simply leaned against it, making it easy to move if necessary.


For those who prefer a clean, fresh and airy look in their living space, our Louis Philippe mirrors are also available with a delightful white clay paint finish, which subtly enhances the detailing on the frame and can make any room appear lighter.


The Louis Philippe mirror collection here at DUSX features many different variations on these stylish mirrors, from large to small, making them ideal for any size of room.


Use a grand floor-standing mirror to really open up a small space and make any room look twice the size, or use one of the small Louis Philippe mirrors over a dressing table or chest of drawers to make a bijou dressing table.


There’s no reason for bathroom mirrors to be plain and purely functional – not when you can create your own personal spa by placing a Louis Philippe mirror over the sink or bath. Imagine relaxing into a deep bubble bath, sipping a glass of wine, with one of these divine mirrors reflecting your bathroom décor.


Where would you place a Louis Philippe mirror in your home? We are sure you are already envisioning where you can place one of these marvellous mirrors in your living space to maximum effect. Perhaps you already have a Louis Philippe mirror and want to show it off – why not post a picture in the comments?

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