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Does your home furniture betray your social status?

Is William Hanson brave enough for a mirrored headboard in the bedroom?

Your home can be an extension of your true self, and the thing we love most about furniture is how you can use it to style your living space exactly how you want, letting your personality and tastes show in your décor choices. Here at DUSX we love seeing what you have done with our furniture, and how you have used it along with your own interiors to great effect. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your own home, but many have differing opinions on the subject.

If you read the Daily Mail, you may have noticed an article by William Hanson, the Mail’s etiquette expert (is that a job?) proclaiming that certain pieces of furniture can reflect low social standing and poor ‘breeding’ (ew), and should be avoided, including our own beloved mirrored furniture!

Old Venetian Chest of Drawers with Cherry Red Wooden Chair

Antique Silver Wooden Cabinet

Apparently, mirrored furniture is ‘stunningly impractical’ and ‘redolent of the echelons of the premier league’ – Hanson also asserts that it requires a lot of upkeep, what with buffing and polishing the glass (surely he has a maid for this kind of housework anyway?). In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Mirrored furniture like this handsome bank of drawers from our Vintage Venetian collection doesn’t need any special treatment – just a quick dust along with the rest of your furniture should keep it looking fabulous as ever.

Venetian mirrored chest of drawersContemporary Venetian Mirror

Here, this mirrored chest of drawers residing in the stately Doddington Hall (upper class enough for you?) sits perfectly alongside a bronze candelabra and a Venetian contemporary mirror, and reflects lots of natural light into the room, giving it a sunny and cheerful air. Sophisticated? Indubitably, my old chum.

A traditional style bed pairs perfectly with a Venetian Mirrored Chest

Here, an Old Venetian chest of drawers perfectly complements a traditionally inspired bedroom. Mirrored furniture will always reflect your colour scheme and style of decor, so you don’t need to worry about it ‘matching’ your existing interiors. In this way, mirrored furniture transcends class entirely, as it can only reflect what is already present.

Antique silver Venetian Dressing TableAntique Venetian Mirrored Dressing table

Mirrored furniture doesn’t have to be ‘blingy’, it can be subtle, sophisticated and demure, like this handsome Venetian mirrored dressing table and stool, reflecting elegant sculptures and antique floorboards. Each piece of glass is painstakingly bevelled by hand, showing the traditional craftsmanship that goes into creating these wonderful pieces of furniture.

Mirrored furniture has its roots in Old Venice, where artisans perfected the mirror making techniques we still use today, and made the first mirrored furniture pieces. The mirror makers lived a solitary lifestyle, producing mirrors that cost as much as a ship for only the richest kings and queens of Europe. The fashion for mirrored furniture developed further in the 19th century as mirrors became easier to produce. These pieces were incredibly popular during the Art Deco period in the early 20th century as a modernist response to the flowing, undulating forms of Art Nouveau pieces.

mirroredfurniture6 Antique Silver Wooden Mirrored Table


Do you think William Hanson would be brave enough to have the mirrored Venetian headboard? Or perhaps a cream tea on this Venetian mirror circular table would be more his speed?

Other gripes of Hanson’s include wall-to-wall carpets, hot tubs, large televisions, cinema rooms, big fridges, coasters (what?) and more. We personally love all of these, but with something as personal as home interiors, each to their own!

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