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A burst of colour at Chelsea Flower Show

This week, thousands of guests are making the trip to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to enjoy some incredible garden designs, exciting new plants, and get ideas for their gardens at home. We love plants, flowers and all things green (who doesn’t?) and the Chelsea Flower Show has some fabulous exhibits – here’s some of our favourites.

The Story of Phalaenopsis


Orchids are one of the most beautiful and enchanting of flowers, seen as rare, exotic, and mysterious. In fact the Phalaenopsis are remarkably easy to keep. This tunnel swathed in orchids looks so otherworldly and magical, almost like the entrance to another land. Our Delilah mirror has a similar effect, and always makes me think of discovering fairies at the bottom of the garden, and other such fantasies;

Delilah floral mirror from DUSX

Delilah Floral Metal Framed Mirror from DUSX: was £432, now £270


The 5000 Poppies Project


This display is a little bit different in that it involves hand knitted or crocheted flowers rather than real ones. Much like the 2014 Remembrance Sunday display of over 800,000 ceramic poppies exhibited at the Tower of London by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, each woollen poppy represents a tribute to those who served in the armed forces in WWI and WWII. The poppies are a cascade of vibrant red that is a visually stunning and poignant sight for all.

Get the look in your home decor with our poppy-shaped mirrors:


Sunburst Petal White and Silver Mirror

Sunburst Petal Mirror – now £190

White and Gold Sunburst Petal Mirror

Sunburst Petal mirror – now £190

Rose Petals Metal Framed Mirror

Metal Mirror – now £347.50








Mirrors and roses

roses mirrors

We don’t know who is behind this stunning exhibit, but it has certainly captured our imagination – we love the juxtaposition between the angular shards of mirror and the soft, feminine firms of the roses. Suspended from the ceiling, the mirrors reflect the guests below as well as the roses themselves. Our contemporary Venetian mirrors will products a similar effect in your home, and will cast light and show reflections from many angles.


Contemporary Venetian Mirror

Venetian Mirror, now £387.50

Contemporary Venetian Mirror

Venetian Mirror, now £362.50

Contemporary Venetian Multifaceted Column Mirror

Column Mirror, now £475.00


The M&G flower dress

Oh my! These dresses and headpieces are truly amazing, and capture the spirit and joie de vivre of the Chelsea Flower Show entirely.

flower dress

Floral Headdresses, Young Florist of the Year competition

Wow! This is probably my favourite thing so far – headdresses created with a Brazilian theme in honour of the Rio Olympics.


These dazzling designs remind us of nothing more the our beautiful Barbola mirrors – see how a cluster of vibrant flowers and butterflies adorn the crest of these elegant bevelled mirrors.

Barbola Round Table Mirror

Barbola Round Mirror, £37.50









The Winston Beauty of Mathematics garden


An intellectual exhibit which combines formulas and algorithms with plants and flowers is a real novelty – you can see the famous Fibonacci sequence in the swirl of an aloe vera plant or the swirl of the galaxy itself – a pattern echoed in our popular Sunburst mirrors.









Did you visit the Chelsea Flower Show this year? What was your favourite exhibit? Let us know in the comments.




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